World war 2 did not hinder the growth of china japan and vietnam

world war 2 did not hinder the growth of china japan and vietnam Ask 'who were the allies in wwii' and the answer will likely be: 'the us, the ussr and britain' the fourth ally, china, has been airbrushed from history yet china fought valiantly and suffered hugely had the chinese not kept up the war with japan in the pacific, the us would not have been able to.

And can tho independence: vietnam declared independence from japan and france on september 2, 1945 however, vietnam remained under french control and economically exploitative the japanese occupied vietnam during world war ii but allowed the french to remain and exert some influence at the war's.

The united states was firmly and almost unanimously committed to defending the integrity of china the isolationism that characterized the strong opposition of many americans toward war in europe did not apply to asia japan had no friends in the united states, nor in great britain, nor the netherlands the united states. 2 sea change some people had ignored the outcome of world war two and were challenging the post-war order, he told counterparts from 15 other nations japan's defense ministry has flagged the chinese armed forces' growing role in shaping foreign policy as a security risk in its annual defense white paper last. 2 in recent years, particularly since xi jinping's ascension to power, it has become commonplace for journalists and experts in the united states to describe the west, china's rapid rise in national power is viewed as a challenge to the post-world war ii whereas beijing did not proactively challenge its neighbors over. The process of decolonization coincided with the new cold war between the soviet union and the united states, and with the early development of the new united nations decolonization was often during world war ii japan, itself a significant imperial power, drove the european powers out of asia after the japanese.

Vietnam - world war ii and independence: for five years during world war ii, indochina was a french-administered possession of japan with ho chi minh as he consolidated the viet minh's dominance over other nationalist groups, in particular those politicians who were backed by the chinese nationalist party.

World war 2 did not hinder the growth of china japan and vietnam

Its historical legacy, japan's role in southeast asia is still relevant because it has succeeded in presenting a development model to southeast asia and constructing good relationships with asean countries through economic cooperation4 however, even the latter discourse does not necessarily deny china's continuing. A postwar reconstruction boom and resettlement of displaced persons led to high rates of growth in construction and agriculture as well some of the country's infrastructure is still damaged or undeveloped from the 27-year-long civil war however, the government since 2005 has used billions of dollars in credit from china,. In asia, world war ii started in 1937 as a sino-japanese war millions of chinese were killed as a result of japan's expansionism but that does not explain why young people in china and japan today are more inimical in their views of one another than their forebears — even immediately after the war.

World war 2 did not hinder the growth of china japan and vietnam
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